how to skip the Thankgiving bloat & love it!

thanksgiving-bloat-foster-naturals “There are SO many ways to make plant-based living delicious and Thanksgiving is no exception.” – Chloe Elgar, Holistic Nutritionist

Thanksgiving is coming up and those of us who have switched to a plant-based or vegan lifestyle this year have nothing to fear! Below you will find a few tips about how to make the most of and appreciate the benefits of your new food choices –  including not feeling bloated, lethargic and stuffed after your Thanksgiving meal. Yes please!

We also had a chance to ask Chloe Elgar a few questions about easy ways to start on this journey if you are still contemplative as well as her recommendations for simple tips for personal non-toxic beauty care.

Let’s get started…

What is a small but highly effective step one could take today to start the momentum for living a healthy lifestyle?

I would say that two of the major components to health are sleep and proper hydration. They are always overlooked. We always go for the more complicated tools, and forget about the basics.

Sleep and water are the essential building blocks of life. Sleep is essential for cellular regeneration, digestion, protein synthesis and all of these cellular processes that are a part of life. The human body is made up of around 70% water. We are made of water. In the same light, every process and behavior requires water: eating, movement, emotional expression and thinking. They are so important.

What role does nutrition play in living a non-toxic, healthy lifestyle?

When it comes to health and balance – there are a few angles that you can take. Ultimately, to achieve what I refer to in my book as “flow” or otherwise known as alignment- you want to have balance in more than one area. We all know that there are two major pillars to health- food/nutrition and movement/exercise.

What is becoming increasingly more known in the industry is that there are a few more fundamental variables to health: stress (emotional, physical, spiritual, environmental) and sleep. Simply put, you can have your food and nutrition in control, and are moving your body daily- however if you are not sleeping well (or at all) and are constantly stressed out or exposed to major toxic stress from the environment/products; then your body may not be working optimally.

The way I see it, we only see one aspect of our being- the outside. We aren’t able to see what is actually going on, inside. I imagine that if we could, we would approach health much differently.

So, yes, nutrition is important and a wonderful place to start. It is your source of fuel. It is what runs your body and provides you the energy to live that life that you are here to live.

Thanksgiving is this weekend. For those of us who have completely switched to a plant based lifestyle but will be spending time with our families who prefer eating Turkey, do you have any tips to offer to make the meal time seamless?

Ah, the Thanksgiving question. Well, I can relate- as I am usually surrounded by omnivores (and carnivores). I would say the most important thing to do is to make it fun. It is never helpful when you approach something from a “missing-out” or “compromising” perspective. Ultimately, own your decision to live more plant-based, get clear on why you made that choice and then allow yourself to truly receive the gifts of that choice.

There are SO many ways to make plant-based living delicious and thanksgiving is no exception. One of the biggest reasons why I would recommend increasing the amount of plant-based dishes during events like Thanksgiving- is the way you will feel after. I have never, in my life, been to an omnivorous traditional thanksgiving where people don’t feel lethargic, exhausted and even at times, gross, after the massive feast.

There are so many blogs and cookbooks out there that celebrate plant based living. If you are new to the lifestyle and want to still feel like you are eating true Thanksgiving food – I would recommend the Hot For Food blog by Lauren Toyota.

With plant-based cooking the best tips are to keep it simple, go for local and seasonal products and try to get away from the whole boring salads concept.

One of my favourite Thanksgiving plant-based recipe round-ups is by Canadian food blogger: Oh She Glows. (We love her too Chloe!)

What is the biggest difference between a Holistic Nutritionist and a Nutritionist?

One of the biggest comparisons is their initial approach to imbalance. Based on how the nutritionist is trained and their background- they may not use as holistic of an approach with clients. When a Holistic Nutritionist has a new client- they are trained to treat each client as an individual and to truly approach the treatment and health protocol uniquely. There is no “one size fits all” in Holistic Nutrition and the “tool-belt” is a variety of applications from various schools of thought and ancient practices such as Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine and herbal medicine.

Some personal questions:

What is your favorite self-care ritual? Sleep, water and nature

What does your beauty and skin routine look like? I use honey as a face wash and mask, filtered water, and all organic/plant-based make up

Your favorite hair care product and why? Right now I am loving the Foster Naturals organic shampoo and conditioner – because I know that they are made from natural ingredients, consciously produced and leave my hair feeling healthy and soft.

Any natural beauty tips to add? What you put in your body will directly affect your skin. It’s not about what you put on your face/skin to alleviate symptoms- it’s what you put into your body in the first place. Are you breaking out? Instead of looking for ways to remove the spots, think about what you’re putting into your body that is causing these spots. The major culprits: sugar, coffee/caffeine, dairy and gluten.

What is your favorite quote or mantra you can’t live without?

“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” -Rumi

foster_naturals_chloes_countertopIf you would like to learn more about Chloe, check out her book (now in print!), find delicious plant based recipes, listen to an inspiring individual on her Podcast or book a consultation go to Chloe’s website here.

For all our Canadian friends we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of gratefulness, love, laughter and light.

Turkey photo courtesy of The Happy Raw Kitchen

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