We believe that it’s just as important to read the labels on your home and personal care products as it is to read the labels on the food you buy. Know what you’re putting on your body and in it! That’s why we let you know everything that’s in our products and even the things that aren’t.

We encourage you to check the ingredients we use against the Environmental Working Group’s SkinDeep site and if you have space on your phone we highly recommend their app or the Think Dirty app that lets you check ingredients on personal care products when you’re out shopping. These apps make it easy and convenient to make greener, cleaner choices.

Below are the standards we hold ourselves to. They are the basis of our commitment to you and to the planet.

Toxin Free
We don’t, and never will, include GMO ingredients, petrochemicals, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and additional chemicals and toxins in our products. For further information about the harmful effects of commonly used ingredients we refuse to use, check out Ingredients Not Found in Our Products.
Low Carbon Footprint
Locally Sourced
our difference