the power of the right/green ingredients

Our products are formulated from natural, sustainable, organic ingredients that we source from companies who focus on fair trade, biodynamic, permaculture and organic farming practices.

They’re packed with natural extracts, essences and oils of fruit, vegetables, herbs, nuts, seeds and plants, but you won’t find any toxins, ammonia, GMOs, sulfates, or parabens  in any products from us. Why? Because many products you find on the shelves, including those labelled “natural” and “plant-derived”, contain artificial colours, fragrances, hidden toxic chemicals and known carcinogens and that’s just yucky!

Find out the proven benefits of our key ingredients and why what’s not in our products is just as important.

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ingredients found in our products

not so natural

not so ‘natural’

Fostering a better life is easy. All you have to do is support sustainable, life-enhancing practices by choosing products that are natural, organic and toxin-free.

Infusing only fresh, natural and toxin-free ingredients in our products is our commitment to your health and the health of the planet. Unfortunately, most hair, body and home care products on the market, including some claiming to be natural, are filled with toxic chemicals.

Studies by the David Suzuki Foundation have identified at least 12 regularly used chemicals found in soaps, cleansers, shampoos and cosmetics that pose real harm to consumers. These “dirty dozen” chemicals include BHA, BHT, Coal Tar Dyes, DEA, Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde-releasing Preservatives, Parabens, Parfum, PEGs, Petrolatum, Siloxanes, Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Triclosan.

Many of the chemicals are known neurotoxins and endocrine disrupters, which are extremely carcinogenic, accelerate skin aging and contribute to DNA damage. To explain the real harm these chemicals can cause, we want to expand on a few as well as describe several others that are noteworthy.

ingredients NOT found in our products