• plant-based_thanksgiving
  • how to skip the Thankgiving bloat & love it!

     “There are SO many ways to make plant-based living delicious and Thanksgiving is no exception.” – Chloe Elgar, Holistic Nutritionist Thanksgiving is coming up and those of us who have switched to a plant-based or vegan lifestyle this year haveread more

  • 3 tips to embrace change & get more energy

    “No! I’m not ready! The trees aren’t allowed to change yet. This is not supposed to happen until October. We hardly even had a summer this year!” Can you relate to these thoughts? Digging my heels in and demanding summerread more

  • lavender & why we love it

    Lavender is sprouting up everywhere (pun intended!). It’s one of the most useful plants around because of its therapeutic, medicinal, aromatic and eye catching properties. The whole plant is used in many incredible ways. We think its delicate floral scent is not too shabby either.read more

  • organic inspiration

    Welcome! We are so excited you have arrived at our VERY FIRST blog post. We have tons of ideas and information to share with you and are literally sitting on our hands so we don’t fire it all out at once. To keepread more